Reimagine Learning

Agents of Change

When we founded Second Avenue in 2006, it was with the mission of improving learning outcomes for all learners. Since our inception, we have focused our work on the twin pillars of equity and efficacy. When we were proposing the development of our middle school science games, we used this graph to explain our urgency to the National Science Foundation. We said, as a country, we need to do better. They agreed. We remain committed to being an agent of change. 

For over 400 years, institutions, laws, and systems have embedded structural racism in our society. Structural racism causes disparate outcomes in healthcare, housing, education, employment opportunities, and every other facet of life. People of color have lower pay, experience higher rates of unemployment, are less able to accrue wealth, and have shorter life expectancies. Our segregated society, the product of redlining and structural poverty, fosters the divide between urban, suburban, and rural populations and allows politicians to play disadvantaged groups against one another. We need to listen, learn, and hold ourselves accountable. We all need to be agents of change.

To that end, Second Avenue would like to commit to the following:

  • We will continue and expand efforts to recruit a diverse team
  • We will continue and expand our efforts to have a work-environment which fosters inclusion
  • We will continue to build a cohort of playtesters with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and needs
  • We will be selective in partnering with organizations like-minded in their desire to make education more equitable
  • We will work with our partners to create product development processes that are inclusive and address the social and emotional needs of students, teachers, and parents/guardians
  • We will continue to support and expand on best practices in accessibility and UDL