Help your students make sense of the Electoral College

270 is the magic number of electoral votes to elect a President, but do your students know:
• Why?
• How they are allocated?
• Who gets to vote?
• Who voters are really voting for when they select Biden or Trump in November?

This webinar covers lessons, activities, resources and tools designed to make it easier to help your students understand the road to the White House.

Fall Activities: Evaluating Political Advertisements

Walk away with activities and discussion prompts to help your students:
• Critically evaluate historical and current election ads
• Identify and understand techniques used to persuade (or scare voters)
• Understand how advertisement strategy fits into a greater campaign strategy
• Develop and create a campaign advertisement strategy of their own

Bring Role Play into your Civics Classroom

Learn how to facilitate a role play in your classroom where your students play the part of campaign manager to the 2020 Presidential Candidates. This webinar will walk you through how you and your students can:
• Set the stage for your role play by analyzing the election results and poll data for the 2016 Election outcomes
• Examine how you could have changed history through campaign strategy and tactics
• Conduct a role play where your students play the role of campaign manager and drive the campaign strategy for Trump and Biden
• Predict history by examining how your students’ campaign strategy could impact the 2020 election results

Scavenger Hunt

Discover how you can incorporate a virtual scavenger hunt into your civics lesson.

Political Polls and Their Impact

Walk away with activities and discussion prompts to help your students:
• Understand how and why polls are conducted
• Evaluate how specific events may have impacted poll results
• Safely discuss the candidate’s political agenda via a role-play activity where your students will play the part of candidate/campaigner
• Learn the importance of their own participation in polls