Interactivity of Gameplay

For centuries, games have been a great way to casually pass time either alone or with friends. During this period of isolation due to COVID-19, children, as well as adults, are turning to games as not only a way to pass time, but as an escape from our unsettling reality.

Some Tips for Working From Home

Reimagine Learning

A Few Considerations for Remote Work

  • Stick to a Schedule
    • Set a firm work schedule.
    • Use your calendar more rigorously than you are used to. Block chunks of time on your calendar for specific tasks, and perform your tasks during the schedule to which you have committed.

2ndAve Director of Technology & Development – Aaron Cloutier​

Reimagine Learning

2ndAve Director of Technology & Development - Aaron Cloutier

1) What made moving to Rochester and working a 2ndAve so compelling based on other places you have lived?

We’ve lived in Rochester for most of 25 years and moved to Seattle at one point because that’s where all the new, cool stuff in technology was happening.

Importance of Unplugging with Jennifer Sertl


Here at Second Avenue Learning, we are passionate about the ways technology brings us closer together, accelerates learning, and creates access that was never available before. At the same time, we know that as educators, parents, and professionals, we need to have balance and model the way of the right use of technology.