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Lessons from Second Avenue Learning Interns: Sarah Swihart

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What was the best moment from the summer and why?

It’s not really a specific moment, but I really loved getting to put together the Influences guided tour. It was really cool to take the lead in creating something that will play such a major part in the application, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It probably won’t be available on the website for a while still, since the art still has to be finished up, but I’m very excited to see the final product when it does become available.


What did you learn about business? 

The main thing that I learned was the importance of networking. I knew that it was important to make connections professionally, but this experience really emphasized the ways that creating a wide and varied network can open up great opportunities.


What life/skill or principle did you use most in your time here?

I feel like I used my research skills the most during my time here. Specifically, I did a lot of searching through databases to find specific primary sources, which required a lot of patience and perseverance in many cases.


How are you more prepared for your future career?

I feel a lot more confident in my writing and research skills, and I definitely have a better understanding of what a future career in this field could look like for me. I’m currently majoring in Computer Science, so being able to work with Second Avenue and see the process of software creation was a really amazing and valuable experience.

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Thank you, Sarah,  for your contributions to Voices for Suffrage . We wish you all the best continuing your education with Smith College and all of your endeavors.

Team Second Avenue Learning 

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