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Not so Flashy... Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Top 5 Considerations when migrating from Flash

Let’s be honest, you and Flash were great partners when you met. It was a great beginning. Together, you enabled students and faculty to have a nearly seamless user experience across a wide variety of platforms.  But it just isn’t working any more, and you’ve grown apart. Flash’s computational overhead leaves you feeling drained, its lack of support on mobile devices means you can’t travel together and perhaps most importantly Flash can’t keep a secret, so your privacy feels vulnerable. And your friends, like Chrome, are telling you it is time…

5 essentials to your next great relationship:

Take some time and get to know yourself

  • Reflect on your beginnings and think about what is essential. (Where is your source?)
  • What is your story? (Do you have your audio files and transcripts?)

Explore something new

  • Get mobile (Cell phones and tablets)
  • Explore new interfaces. (Touch? VR or AR!?! Don’t get swept to the left.)
  • Learn the salsa. (Ok, that might be too much, but look at your use cases 🙂 )

Make sure that everyone has a chance

  • Learn a new language. (Think about localization.)
  • Make yourself seen and heard. (Have great transcripts and other accessibility features.)
  • Go slow or go fast. (Consider making your content adaptive.)

Put your best foot forward

  • Update your wardrobe. (Ahem, your UI is looking a little like it is from aught-seven)
  • Stay up-to-date! (Do you know your exotic states of matter? And maybe we should talk about algorithms.)
  • Hold yourself to a higher standard. (LTI, xAPI…)

Communication is key

  • What did you learn from your last relationship? (Do you have research or usage data or end-user feedback?)
  • Keep in touch between dates. (Think about asynchronous data.)

Ready to take the next step?  We would love to help set you up for success.