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Find the Pain-Points We’ll often start a new project by talking with teachers, instructors and parents about the pain points of teaching a particular topic – where they struggle the most, continue reading
A handy visual guide to teaching about the Electoral College.
How can games enhance your math class?
All of our thoughts on assessment design compiled for your reading pleasure. How can you maximize your assessments?
Jefferson was optimistic about the ability of a well-informed electorate to hold politicians accountable, and it’s easy to see why: In a democracy, the people hold the ultimate power of continue reading
The case for including writing tasks in an assessment strategy has some very powerful arguments on its side. For starters, writing is itself a fundamental skill that is important in continue reading
Assessment is measurement, and there are many things worth measuring in learning environments. We want to know what learners know and what they can do so that we can tell continue reading
When we design assessments at Second Avenue Learning, we remember our experiences as learners. As learners, we remember when tests were fair, clear, and well-connected with what we were supposed continue reading
Gamification is trending these days. Or is it game-based learning? Or serious games? Or something else?
Recently, I joined our CEO, Tory VanVoorhis, on a panel to discuss the potential of games in the world of assessment.
What's driving the recent focus on learning design?
Despite the title, Matt Greenfield’s Sources of Hope for Education Technology in 20181 presents a sobering account of the challenges we face in leveraging technology to improve educational outcomes.
Implementing Accessibility in a Disruptive Digital Education Market
Accessibility is a commitment to support learners with diverse backgrounds and needs by giving all learners equitable access to content.
Best practice for Publishers, Educational Institutions, and Educators.
Second Avenue Learning’s team was happy to sponsor last week’s New Media Consortium Conference, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts.
Six disruptors in the gaming industry converged at our new space in downtown Rochester to discuss the future of game design and development, and Rochester’s role as a hub for continue reading
Taken during Christmas Holiday on 2016
Try telling a classroom of students that it’s possible for a presidential candidate to win the majority of votes in the U.S., but still lose the election—and that it has continue reading
Hi, I’m Jackson. As someone who boasts an extensive resume of boss-beatings, puzzle solvings, and steely resolve in the face of the princess continually being in another castle, interning at a continue reading
I’ve helped create and shape videogames for many years now, and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of working with talented, creative people who share my passion and want nothing continue reading