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Reimagine Learning Discernment, Civics, and Citizenship – Victoria Van Voorhis Maureen McGuire , News Anchor for WROC-TV interviews Victoria Van Voorhis If you haven’t done so already, stop reading and
We're so happy to announce the release of our fourth Guided Tour on our Library of Congress Voices for Suffrage app—Influences! Guided Tours are 20-minute guided lessons including videos and interactive activities to teach a specific piece of the movement. The Influences Guided Tour focuses on the people, groups, and social movements that influenced the beliefs, goals, and actions of United States suffragists. Continue Reading Voices for Suffrage – Influences Guided Tour​
We loved having summer interns and thrilled that they had some valuable insights for the rest of their professional journey. Here are insights from Sarah Swihart. Continue Reading Lessons from Second Avenue Learning Interns: Sarah Swihart
We are in the re-imagine learning business helping leaders in both education and business build tools, platforms and resources to increase participation in their given audiences. It is important that we are learners too. Continue Reading Project Management Review: Four Key Frameworks
Reimagine Learning Voices for Suffrage Guided Tours Guided Tours are 20-minute guided lessons including videos and interactive activities to teach a specific piece of the movement. We are thrilled to
Reimagine Learning Social Studies Activities for Remote Learning – Webinar May 27 1:00pm We heard from 1200 social studies educators last week at the Social Studies Virtual Unconference that their
Thank you, teachers, for all the ways you have impacted the way we NOW make impact ensuring learning resources are designed beyond bias, helping educators personalize learning, and helping businesses create value in the code economy. Continue Reading Teachers, thank you for the difference you make
We, as teachers, provide much more than content. We protect our students and usually feel a deeply-seeded desire to see no harm come to them. But now, they are remote. Some are unreachable while others are available through only text, voice, or two dimensional screen. How do we protect and serve as role models when our interactions are so remote? Continue Reading Three Keys to Protect Remote Students
For centuries, games have been a great way to casually pass time either alone or with friends. During this period of isolation due to COVID-19, children, as well as adults, are turning to games as not only a way to pass time, but as an escape from our unsettling reality. Continue Reading Interactivity of Gameplay
Reimagine Learning This is NOT Normal! How to model civil dialogue in Civics I want you to have access to my most recent webinar This is NOT Normal! How to model civil
This is an #allhandsondeck moment for all administrators and teachers and we are committed to sharing resources to support continuity in teaching. Continue Reading Support for Administrators In Digital Transformation
Reimagine Learning A Few Considerations for Remote Work Stick to a Schedule Set a firm work schedule. Use your calendar more rigorously than you are used to. Block chunks of
Reimagine Learning 2ndAve Director of Technology & Development – Aaron Cloutier 1) What made moving to Rochester and working a 2ndAve so compelling based on other places you have lived?
Reimagine Learning Know Your Audience As the Lead Game Producer here at Second Avenue Learning, part of my job is to make sure the vision for the product we’re building remains
Here at Second Avenue Learning, we are passionate about the ways technology brings us closer together, accelerates learning, and creates access that was never available before. At the same time,
Reimagine Learning Rapid Fire Decision Making           I was in a marketing presentation recently and heard Clay Shirky’s observation, “The issue today is not information overload, it
Reimagine Learning Engaging Students With Primary Sources What does the Library of Congress, a bunch of teachers, and Second Avenue Learning have in common?              
Reimagine Learning Case Study: Pearson Accessibility
All of our thoughts on assessment design compiled for your reading pleasure. How can you maximize your assessments? Continue Reading Assessment Best Practices E-Book
Jefferson was optimistic about the ability of a well-informed electorate to hold politicians accountable, and it’s easy to see why: In a democracy, the people hold the ultimate power of government. Empowered with the vote, an informed electorate can vote politicians out of their offices. Continue Reading Why Civics Education Matters