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Second Avenue Learning Impact ~ May 2020

Participation In Rochester Community Panel: How Diversity Enhances Innovation & Entrepreneurship 

Rochester is looked at nationally as an innovation hub. Innovation work requires a vibrant and open community in which people feel welcome, have their ideas heard and opinions valued.  Our Victoria Van Voorhis  was asked about the importance of representation in game design. “when we are doing our design testing, we actually create test protocols that require us to test with urban, suburban, and rural cohorts. And we will make sure we have gender balance  whether or not we’re designing for adults or  little kids or teenagers or somewhere in between. In doing that, we find out amazing things.” 

RIT’s National Institute Was  Selected Children’s Reading Global Initiative.

Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf is one of four globally selected schools to create high-quality accessible children’s books. Second Avenue Learning is a development partner in this initiative. The initiative enables prize winners to collectively create thousands of books in seven underserved spoken languages and nine sign languages, serving regions of the world where children have few or no books for preschool or kindergarten. 

More details can be found in the original article posted by Vienna McGrain. 

Professor Christopher Kurz will help lead the NTID reading initiative.

We Have Released Additional Capability in Voices for Suffrage App.

In Voices for Suffrage, students use primary sources to explore, replay, and engage with these questions and many more that form the women’s suffrage movement. Students learn about the tactics, arguments, key people, and historical events that led to women gaining the vote and have fun doing it! We have just added a new game called They Persisted!  

Voices of Suffrage is funded by a grant from the Library of Congress and has been featured previously in the news.

Second Avenue wins national grant to create women’s suffrage history game by Brian Sharp, Democrat and Chronicle.  

Library of Congress chooses Rochester company to tell story of women’s suffrage by Maureen McGquire, WROC TV.


Voices of Suffrage game segment They Persisted!