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This is NOT Normal! How to model civil dialogue in Civics

I want you to have access to my most recent webinar This is NOT Normal! How to model civil dialogue in Civics for social studies and history 8-13th grade teachers.


The focus of this embedded webinar is how to foster civil dialogue. What we need right now is clear, unbiased, and actionable information, which is very hard to distill out of mainstream media. Getting kids to be media literate is critical. In addition, there is a need for resources that allow both remote learning and independent study. I think Donna Brazlie really framed the importance of civic discourse very well.


She really put down a gauntlet here. We need to engage in thoughtful civil dialogue as adults. We have to model it for our young adults. That is where we have an opportunity to lead our students.  Being a former educator I realized how complex it was for social studies and history teachers to talk to students about general election primaries because the sources of information are so polarized. So we created this application called ElectionEdge – a nonpartisan fact-based data platform for historical context and current presidential elections. This platform allows students to learn important issues from the past as well as enables teachers to run their own classroom elections in hopes to shape the future.

In 2006, I founded Second Avenue Learning with the mission of blending what I knew was best practice in education with digital technology. We only wanted to use digital technology where we knew it was actually going to serve the classroom, the teacher and the student to improve learning outcomes. We have realized that objective and continued our development of award winning educational games, content, resources and tools. You can experience some of them for yourself. Election Edge and Martha Madison are just a few examples of what is possible. Given the current situation and understanding how difficult it can be to continue your student’s remote education, Second Avenue Learning is making Election Edge free for educators and parents for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Sign up is easy.

Let us know if there is any way we can help.