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Voices for Suffrage Guided Tours

Guided Tours are 20-minute guided lessons including videos and interactive activities to teach a specific piece of the movement. We are thrilled to announce that we have recently released our Diversity Guided Tour; the third tour that is available on our Library of Congress Voices for Suffrage app. 

Our guided tours feature a primary question that students will explore through intro and wrap-up videos and three interactive activities that focus on primary source analysis using the Observe | Reflect | Question (ORQ) model. 

You can get access to all three tours in the ‘Explore the movement’ section at

Our newest tour, The Diversity Guided Tour, includes information about the diverse women who helped make the suffrage movement possible. Did you know that the Native American culture of the Haudenosaunee Confederation inspired and encouraged the women’s suffrage movement and its founders? You can also learn about the additional rights that working-class women were fighting for and the role Black and immigrant women played in the movement, despite having to overcome additional prejudice.

The Opposition Guided Tour provides a deeper look into the opposition suffragists faced while fighting for the vote.

The Tactics Guided Tour walks you through some of the different tactics used in the movement and how they changed over the decades.

We have a dedicated team working on Voices for Suffrage, continually adding new primary sources, events, guided tours, and game slices! There are so many more voices to learn from as we include more and more diversity. To hear more about this process from our team, check out this post by Tallis Polashenski, as she shares her perspective on talking about diversity as a young white woman


While intended for a middle or high school audience, Voices for Suffrage really includes something for everyone! We hope that social studies and history teachers, and parents and college students can also enjoy learning about the history of women’s right to vote on Second Avenue Learning’s Voices for Suffrage. There is still so much work to do on equity and inclusion and we believe studying history moves the needle in a positive direction.


And keep checking back! We currently have lots more great stuff in progress including an Influences Guided Tour and updates to our current game!