Free Resources to Inform your Learning Design

This workshop discusses lessons to help your students analyze past, present and future Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates, including how to Host a Virtual Debate Watch Party! Continue Reading Virtual Debate Watch Party!
Are your students able to evaluate social media objectively? What criteria do they use to determine legitimate sources vs. opinion? Continue Reading Critically Evaluating Social Media and its Impact on Elections
Get ready to rev up the energy in your Civics class with Presidential Jeopardy! Game shows are engaging and fun! Students love to be part of game show style learning. Maybe it is because they don’t even realize they are learning! Continue Reading Presidential Jeopardy Lesson Plan
Watch this webinar where your students will learn how to time travel through history and conduct debates pairing pair past presidents with today’s candidates and topics. Continue Reading Time-Travel Debates for Your Civics Classroom
Enjoy this webinar where we discuss free lessons and activities which will help your students explore the Suffrage Movement. Continue Reading Teaching the Suffrage Movement
Watch this webinar where we discuss 15+ social studies lessons covering Election History, Campaign Role-Play Assignments, Election Simulations, Civic Participation, Civil Discourse, and so much more! Continue Reading Election Lessons
How much of what your students see, hear or read on television, social media, newspaper or other sources is fact vs. fiction? Continue Reading Can your students determine fact vs. fiction?
270 is the magic number of electoral votes to elect a President, but do your students know what they really mean? Continue Reading Help your students make sense of the Electoral College
Walk away with activities and discussion prompts to help your students evaluate historical political advertisements. Continue Reading Fall Activities: Evaluating Political Advertisements
Learn how to facilitate a role play in your classroom where your students play the part of campaign manager to the 2020 Presidential Candidates. Continue Reading Bring Role Play into your Civics Classroom
Discover how you can incorporate a virtual scavenger hunt into your civics lesson. Continue Reading Scavenger Hunt
Walk away with activities and discussion prompts to help your students understand the importance of polls. Continue Reading Political Polls and Their Impact
We will show you how your students can create a prediction map for the upcoming Presidential Election using Election Edge! Continue Reading Using Predictions to Create Civil Civic Dialogue