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Reimagine Learning Creating Amazing Learning with Election Edge Andrew Gump, Ph.D. August 24, 2021 The past 18 months have shown us the importance of online educational support in our ever-changing

Enjoy this webinar about our free web application, Voices for Suffrage.

In this webinar you will learn about how to work with your students how to understand the Electoral College, its roll in our election process, and how the electorates are selected.

In this webinar, we will share a Classroom Town Hall activity that can be readily used whether you are back in the classroom or teaching remote. Play the role of politician while your students ask questions that are important to them, just like in a real town hall.

Are your students able to evaluate social media objectively? What criteria do they use to determine legitimate sources vs. opinion?

Get ready to rev up the energy in your Civics class with Presidential Jeopardy! Game shows are engaging and fun! Students love to be part of game show style learning. Maybe it is because they don’t even realize they are learning!

Enjoy this webinar where we discuss free lessons and activities which will help your students explore the Suffrage Movement.

How much of what your students see, hear or read on television, social media, newspaper or other sources is fact vs. fiction?

270 is the magic number of electoral votes to elect a President, but do your students know what they really mean?

Walk away with activities and discussion prompts to help your students evaluate historical political advertisements.

Reimagine Learning Voices for Suffrage Guided Tours Guided Tours are 20-minute guided lessons including videos and interactive activities to teach a specific piece of the movement. We are thrilled to

Discover how you can incorporate a virtual scavenger hunt into your civics lesson.

Reimagine Learning Tallis Polashenski: Talking About Diversity and Primary Sources Tallis Polashenski,  Writer || Gamer || Avid D&D Player If you haven’t seen our app on women’s suffrage, Voices for

When we founded Second Avenue in 2006, it was with the mission of improving learning outcomes for all learners. Since our inception, we have focused our work on the twin pillars of equity and efficacy.

We will show you how your students can create a prediction map for the upcoming Presidential Election using Election Edge!

Reimagine Learning A Few Considerations for Remote Work Stick to a Schedule Set a firm work schedule. Use your calendar more rigorously than you are used to. Block chunks of

Reimagine Learning 2ndAve Director of Technology & Development – Aaron Cloutier 1) What made moving to Rochester and working a 2ndAve so compelling based on other places you have lived?

Reimagine Learning Know Your Audience As the Lead Game Producer here at Second Avenue Learning, part of my job is to make sure the vision for the product we’re building remains

Here at Second Avenue Learning, we are passionate about the ways technology brings us closer together, accelerates learning, and creates access that was never available before. At the same time,

Reimagine Learning Rapid Fire Decision Making           I was in a marketing presentation recently and heard Clay Shirky’s observation, “The issue today is not information overload, it

Reimagine Learning Engaging Students With Primary Sources What does the Library of Congress, a bunch of teachers, and Second Avenue Learning have in common?              

A handy visual guide to teaching about the Electoral College.

Reimagine Learning Case Study: Pearson Accessibility

The Original Mobile Games, a minigame collection developed by Second Avenue Learning jointly with The Strong National Museum of Play and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) MAGIC Center, is now available on the Nintendo Switch.