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Try telling a classroom of students that it’s possible for a presidential candidate to win the majority of votes in the U.S., but still lose the election—and that it has happened four times. Bush v. Gore wasn’t the first time! Continue Reading Going to School on the Electoral College

Hi, I’m Jackson. As someone who boasts an extensive resume of boss-beatings, puzzle solvings, and steely resolve in the face of the princess continually being in another castle, interning at a company that makes educational videogames has been pretty sweet. Continue Reading Top 5 Reasons Why Videogames Are Actually Good for Kids

Let’s be honest, you and Flash were great partners when you met. It was a great beginning. Together, you enabled students and faculty to have a nearly seamless user experience across a wide variety of platforms. Continue Reading Not so Flashy… Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Top 5 Considerations when migrating from Flash

Drive around Rochester, New York long enough, and you are bound to run into an optics or imaging corporation. There are the giants, of course: Xerox Corp., Bausch & Lomb, Inc., and Eastman Kodak. Continue Reading Second Avenue Learning Celebrates the International Year of Light!

I’ve helped create and shape videogames for many years now, and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of working with talented, creative people who share my passion and want nothing more than to build something that will knock your socks off. Continue Reading Why Classroom Playtesting Sessions Are Required

Recenly the Iowa caucus, the first test of electability for many of the presidential candidates, was held. Like many voters, we at Second Avenue are thinking about the 2016 election and following it closely. Continue Reading Put the Power of the Pundits in Your Classroom or Your Living Room

On a recent Saturday morning, local participants were invited to the Student Innovation Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where Representative Louise Slaughter introduced this year’s Annual Congressional App Challenge. Continue Reading 2015 Congressional App Challenge – Computer Science & STEM

Second Avenue was delighted to participate in this year’s ED Games Expo, sponsored by 1776 and the Entertainment Software Association! After all, everyone loves a good “game night” from time to time, right? Continue Reading Ed Games Expo

When the Deputy Assistant to the President for Education walks into the room, followed shortly by the United States Chief Technology Officer, you know the conversation is about to get really interesting. Continue Reading The Big “Duh!” in Education: Game-based Assessment

Rochester Museum and Science Center-Science on a Sphere ExhibitOur team is in the process of designing the next several units of game-based curriculum for our Martha Madison series, which we are continuing to develop with support from the National Science Foundation. Continue Reading Play is part of design thinking!

Women, a little while ago, I found myself feeling a bit like a high-schooler who has just spied a favorite lead singer at a concert…except instead of a concert I was in the executive offices of the White House. Continue Reading Creating Future Rock Stars: Inclusion, STEM, and Games

We have just wrapped up a day in a 8th grade science classroom at Barker Road Middle School, where about 100 students playtested our Martha Madison physics game on Newton’s Laws. Continue Reading Video Games in School! So Cool!

I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about testing recently. It seems like every day there is a story in the news about parents opting out of standardized assessments, school districts grappling with new test types, or analysts discussing test performance issues. Continue Reading Assessments: Why Do We Test?

“You’re going to stink at this, Danielle. You’re not good at science or math, remember?”I wasn’t supposed to hear this whispered insult, but I did. Continue Reading Video Games and STEM: Engaging Girls through Innovative Play

This was one of many gems that Dr. Bror Saxberg offered his audience in yesterday’s CIRCL webinar, and it has important implications for any of us who care about education. Continue Reading 4 Things Necessary for Motivation in Education

At today’s State of Our Children Address, provided by the ROC the Future initiative and hosted by the Rochester Business Journal, we were reminded of a sobering statistic: of the Rochester graduates who enrolled in a local college this past year, only 18% were deemed college-ready in both math and science. Continue Reading ROC the Future: Improving Student Outcomes Is Not Impossible

Second Avenue Learning is pleased to announce that Brian Regan has joined the company as Lead Game Producer. Continue Reading Brian Regan Joins Second Avenue Learning as Lead Game Producer

To celebrate the launch of The Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning, Excelsior College is hosting a celebratory event Friday, May 16th at 1 PM on Capitol Hill. Continue Reading Announcing The Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning

With these three directives, and a word to spare, design icon Milton Glaser met a recent WIRED Design|Life request to present his design philosophy in ten words or fewer: Solve the problem. Aspire to beauty. Do no harm. Continue Reading Creative Matters