Voices for Suffrage

What was so important about the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention? How did the path to suffrage differ between states? Why did it take over seventy years for women to gain suffrage? In Voices for Suffrage, students use primary sources to explore, replay, and engage with these questions and many more regarding women’s right for the vote. Students will learn about the tactics, arguments, historical events, and key people of the movement, and have fun doing it!



Explore the movement by year or state using the interactive map and timeline

Take a Guided Tour! Each tour is a guided lesson that utilizes videos, primary sources, and interactive activities to explore a specific aspect of the movement

Research specific events, people, groups, and themes in our database of over 700 primary sources

Replay the movement with interactive games!

Interactive activities based on the
Inquiry Design Model
Transcriptions, summaries, and contextual information to make primary sources accessible for your students
Free access to a comprehensive
database of primary sources

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